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Role of the Commission
The Ontario Civilian Police Commission (OCPC) is an independent oversight agency tasked with ensuring that adequate and effective policing services are provided in a fair and accountable manner under the Ontario Police Services Act.
As an independent quasi-judicial agency, the OCPC:
  • hears appeals of police disciplinary decisions;
  • adjudicates disputes between municipal councils and police service boards involving budget matters;
  • conducts hearings into requests for the reduction, abolition, creation or amalgamation of police services;
  • conducts investigations and inquiries into the conduct of chiefs of police, police officers and members of police services boards;
  • determines the status of police service members;
  • general enforcement relating to the adequacy and effectiveness of policing services.
In Ontario, police services and police services boards are ultimately accountable to the public through the OCPC. The OCPC reports to the Attorney General and its mandate and duties are set out in the Police Services Act.